Linville Falls, North Carolina By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Linville Falls is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in all of North Carolina. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains, the falls earn national attention due to the sheer volume of water cascading over them at any given minute, and due to the fact that the falls are actually a network of three distinct fall systems, all of which offer picturesque settings and vivid imagery of gushing water cascading over rocky precipices. Lovers of nature’s great creations, Anderson Design Group celebrated the falls with a hand-designed illustration styled after the WPA-commissioned artwork of the mid-20 th century. Order this keepsake of the waterfall as a pleasant reminder of a trip to the Blue Ridge mountains and as a fitting home decoration all in one. To learn more about Linville Falls and other attractions nearby, check out the Linville Falls Hiking Guide.

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