Macy's Flower Show: Northeast By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2016

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The Northeast is the birthplace of America, where it all began, the region most rich in American history. Known for its beautiful Atlantic shoreline, bustling cities, busy commerce, and of course, plenty of lighthouses, the Northeast is home in the hearts of millions of Americans, whether they still live there or not. Show your love and pride for the Northeast with a vintage travel poster of an idilic northeastern coastline, replete with a lighthouse and spring tulips. This Anderson Design Group art was designed after mid-century art styles, taking inspiration from the WPA-commissioned artwork of that era. You can order this classic illustration as a framed poster, metal sign, canvas banner, or framed postcard. To learn more about the Northeast and some of the places of interest you might want to visit there, be sure to check out this website for Tourist Attractions in the Northeast.

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