MO—Visit Missouri: The Cave State By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2023

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Did you know that one of Missouri’s nicknames is “The Cave State”? Because Missouri is home to approximately 7,500 known and recorded caves, the state has become internationally recognized for its cave exploring opportunities. But why so many caves? It all comes down to the type of bedrock that much of Missouri rests on. Many areas of the state are underlain by soluble carbonate bedrock, such as limestone or dolomite, that can be easily dissolved by water. Slightly acidic rainwater filters into the ground and enters cracks and joints found in the bedrock; slowly dissolving it away. In time, the groundwater enlarges these passages to form caves. The water moving through caves can deposit minerals from the dissolved rock, creating what's called “speleothems,” or cave formations. To celebrate the beautiful state of Missouri and the many reasons to visit it, the artists of Anderson Design Group created this classic design in the style of vintage 20th-century travel posters, retro art, and vintage poster art. Enjoy the art as a framed print, canvas, mini canvas, metal sign, postcard, or note card. To learn more about Missouri or to plan a trip there, check out the official website for Visit Missouri.

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