MO—Visit Missouri: Wine Country By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2023

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When people think about American wine country, Missouri is not generally the first state the comes to mind. However, Missouri has a small but thriving wine industry populated 7 wine regions and more than 100 wineries. Back in the 1800's, German settlers traveled from the east coast of the United States, going west. Turns out, one of the things they brought with them from the "old country" were vineyard clippings. Settling near modern day St. Louis, these immigrants began planting seeds for food and the wine clippings with which they had so carefully traveled. The soil in which the seeds were planted ended up not being best for farming vegetables, but the wine vines survived and thrived. By the mid 1800's, the first wine grapes were cultivated and by 1848, Missouri wineries bottled over 1,000 gallons of wine. A few years later, over 500 acres vineyards were planted and the wine produced in these small Missouri towns was being shipped all over the state. The state presently has seven main wine producing regions containing over 60 wineries. The artists of Anderson Design Group rendered this classic poster in the spirit of a vintage travel poster. This enchanting original illustration is available as a poster, print, notecard, postcard, canvas, or metal sign.

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