Montgomery Alabama: Court Square Fountain By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2021

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The capital city of Alabama, Montgomery is known for beautiful public works like the Court Square Fountain, located in the Court Square-Dexter Avenue Historic District. The foundation was established in 1885 on top of an artesian well, which Indigenous Americans used long before the area was settled. The iconic fountain features statues immaculately modeled on Greek mythology. And just down the avenue from the fountain is the domed, 1850s Alabama State Capitol. Also not too far from the fountain, Martin Luther King, Jr. preached at the historic Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, a hub for the Montgomery bus boycott. Inspired and awed by a fountain that has seen so much history pass before it, Anderson Design Group’s award-winning artists rendered this classic American Travel poster design in the tradition of the Golden Age of Poster Art. This retro-styled rendering and vintage poster art design of Montgomery will look lovely as an art print, notecard, postcard, metal sign, canvas, or mini canvas. To learn more about Montgomery or to make plans to visit there, be sure to check out the website for the Montgomery Area Visitor Center.

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