MO—Visit Missouri: Jefferson City State Capitol By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2023

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Every state capitol in the nation is special and unique, and Missouri’s capitol is no exception. The state’s capitol building rests upon a prominent limestone bluff on the south bank of the Missouri River. Its location is superb, and the building itself is something to behold. It is 437 feet long and 300 feet wide at its center. The top of the dome towers 262 feet above the basement floor. The building, which covers 3 acres and has 500,000 square feet of floor space, is a museum of public art, remarkable not only for its quality and abundance, but as a faithful reflection of the themes, events, and people of Missouri. The theme continues outside, where a walk around the building is met with several statues, placards, and depictions of Missouri history. To celebrate the beautiful state of Missouri and the many reasons to visit it, the artists of Anderson Design Group created this classic design in the style of vintage 20th-century travel posters, retro art, and vintage poster art. Enjoy the art as a framed print, canvas, mini canvas, metal sign, postcard, or note card. To learn more about Missouri or to plan a trip there, check out the official website for Visit Missouri.

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