MO—Visit Missouri: Multi-Image Print By Derek Anderson, Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2023

© 2023 Anderson Design Group, Inc. All rights reserved. It is a Federal Copyright offense to reproduce this image without permission.

Friendly. Unassuming. Full of surprises. That’s Missouri. A destination with countless hidden gems. Missouri, known as the Show Me State, is in the Midwestern region of the USA. Ranking 21st in land area, it is bordered by eight states: Iowa to the north, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee to the east, Arkansas to the south and Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska to the west. The artists of Anderson Design Group created this classic 20-image design, to display the entire series of the posters they created in 2023 for the Missouri Division of Tourism. Crafted in the style of vintage 20th-Century travel posters, this design shows off 20 of the best things to see in the Show Me State. Enjoy this design as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, postcard or note card. To learn more about Missouri or to plan a trip there, check out the official website for Visit Missouri.

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