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Niagara Falls By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2013

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A true bucket list item and a unique force of nature unlike any other, Niagara Falls is the most impressive waterfall in the world for sheer volume of water cascading over the falls at any given time. The falls draw more than 12 million visitors every year to witness the incredible deluge of water that rushes over the falls' three separate vertical rock faces. Inspired by Mother Nature’s own art display in the form of rushing water, Anderson Design Group handcrafted a powerful illustration of the falls, designing the illustration after the mid-century art styles of the Golden Age of Illustration. Celebrate a trip to Niagara Falls and create a stunning centerpiece for your home or office all in one with this vivid display of a true force of nature. And to learn more about the falls, visit Niagara Parks.

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