Philadelphia: Print Shop By Andy Gregg, Joel Anderson, 2010

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A series of Anderson illustrations commemorating the history and attractions of an American city would not be complete without a vibrant illustration for our iconic “Print Shop” mini-series. The Print Shop mini-series is vintage incarnate, a truly genuine representation of vintage travel poster artwork. This Print Shop illustration of Philadelphia commemorates the city well while also honoring the special nature of vintage travel art from the early-1900s. Not only is this retro poster an ideal home decor item, it’s also a nostalgic reminder of one’s Philadelphia roots (or a pleasant reminder of one’s trip to this historic city). Available as a metal sign, framed print, or canvas banner, this original Anderson Design is customizable to your tastes. Order classical artwork today for your own home or as a gift, and to learn more about Philadelphia, be sure to check out Visit Philly.

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