Portland, Oregon: Historic Theater By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2021

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The revitalization of historic buildings is something Portland excels at, and few buildings display this hallmark trait as well as the Portland Historic Theatre. The impressive Portland Paramount Theatre once dominated the city’s Great White Way, a series of brightly lit cinemas that dazzled downtowners along Southwest Broadway Street. The ornate building still stands to this day as an architectural treasure that anchors Portland’s cultural scene. Though the building was nearly razed in the 1980s, the renamed Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall has been restored as the home of the Oregon Symphony and as a venue for a wide variety of concerts and other entertainments. The theatre also hosts well-known local groups that serve as the backbone of Portland's cultural life. For example, Portland’s Centers for the Arts is an organization within Metro that runs venues at the Historic Theatre for live theatre, concerts, cinema, small conferences, and similar events. To celebrate the theatre and its restoration, Anderson Design Group hand-rendered vintage poster art of the building, a classic rendition that showcases the building in the style of the early-20th century Golden Age of poster art. To learn more about the Portland performing arts and the city’s Historic Theatre, visit the website for Travel Portland.

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