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Portland, Oregon: St. Johns Bridge By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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St. Johns Bridge is a beloved icon of Portland (locals love saying, “I can see the St. Johns Bridge from my apartment!”) But in addition to that, the views from the bridge itself are also spectacular. On a clear day, commuters can see both Mount Saint Helens and Mount Rainier from the bridge. Built in 1929, the impressive steel suspension bridge spans the Willamette River, connecting North Portland and Northwest Portland. Inspired by the majestic and colorful structure, Anderson Design Group hand-rendered vintage poster art of the bridge, styling the poster after the Golden Age of Travel Art of the mid-20th century. Available as a vintage poster, retro print, canvas banner, metal sign, hand-stretched canvas, notecard, postcard, or framed postcard, this artwork would look fantastic as an office centerpiece, conversation starter, souvenir from a trip to Portland, or gift. And to learn more about Portland, be sure to check out the website for Travel Portland.

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