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Seattle, WA: Ferry By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Seattle was built on the timber industry in the 1800s, it's a central location for the U.S. fishing industry, a hotspot for cultural advances, higher education, health, the sciences, and technology. Seattle is a center of history, the arts, diversity, and forward progress across many areas of American life. The city is considered one of the most progressive in the United States. Seattle is also a beautiful town, nestled into the Puget Sound with the Cascade Range looming behind the city skyline. Taking inspiration from all of the great things about Seattle that make this city unique, Anderson Design Group handcrafted a vintage travel poster of the city, styling the retro artwork after the WPA-commissioned artwork of the early-1900s. Order this artwork to show off your love for Seattle, or gift the poster to a family member or friend. To learn more about the city, check out Visit Seattle.

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