Sonoma Stomp By Andy Gregg, Joel Anderson, 2013

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Escape for a week for a romp and stomp in Sonoma County, California. One of California’s largest wine-growing counties, this region is known for a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere than the hustle and bustle of Napa County. Sonoma is also known for its fantastic eateries, farmer’s markets, fruit stands, and endless miles of rolling hills and sun-kissed two lane country roads. To celebrate a truly fantastic vacation destination, Anderson Design Group hand-created a vintage travel poster for Sonoma, a humorous yet classic depiction of a satyr and a Sonoma background, all styled after the mid- century artisan fashions of the Golden Age of Illustration. This retro poster art would make a fantastic conversation starter or the perfect gift for the wine lover in your family. To learn more about Sonoma, check out Sonoma County Tourism.

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