The Berkshires, MA By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2022

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The Berkshires encompass a picturesque rural region in the mountains of western Massachusetts dotted with villages and towns. A popular vacation destination, it's known for outdoor activities, fall foliage–viewing, a farm-to-table food scene and thriving arts institutions. One of the jewels of the Berkshires is Mount Greylock, a 3,489-foot mountain located in the northwest corner of Massachusetts and is the highest point in the state. A seasonal automobile road (open annually from late May through November 1) climbs to the summit, topped by a 93-foot-high lighthouse-like Massachusetts Veterans War Memorial Tower. A network of hiking trails traverses the mountain, including the Appalachian Trail. In the 100 years since World War 1 came to an end, state officials and veterans groups have rededicated the War Memorial Tower several times. Today, the monument honors soldiers from not just World War I but from all wars. Being that the memorial is not only a major travel destination but also a historical installation, Anderson Design group poster artists saw fit to render an original illustration and vintage travel poster of the tower. This classic print will look great as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, or as a postcard or a notecard. And to learn more about the historic site and travel opportunities to and from it (as well as other opportunities in The Berkshires), visit the official website for The Berkshires.

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