Utah: In The Jurassic Era By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Did you know that the state of Utah offers the world’s most complete, exposed record of the Earth’s geographic history? Or that Utah has more fossil records from more dinosaur species than anywhere else in the world? Utah truly is a paradise for paleontology enthusiasts, young and old alike! To celebrate the state, Anderson Design Group rendered retro artwork of what Utah might have looked like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. This retro-styled art poster would make a great wall decor item in a child’s bedroom or playroom, or the artwork could be the perfect housewarming gift for the new or expecting family in your life. Available as a poster, print, notecard, postcard, metal sign, canvas, or banner, this vintage art looks great on any wall. And to learn more about the dinosaur fossils and attractions in Utah, check out the website for Utah's Adventure Family.

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