I Love Cicadas By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2024

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People have a love/hate relationship with cicadas. We love them because they are harmless and they just want to have a little fun after spending over a decade underground. We hate them because they make a lot of noise and they clumsily throw themselves into our pools, windshields, and ice cream sundaes as they look for a mate before they drop dead. Cicadas are born into the grooves of tree bark, they grow into adolescence, fall out of the trees, burrow into the ground, live in tunnels for YEARS, and then, when they finally hit breeding age, they climb to the surface, fly around, make a lot of noise, mate a lot, and then die! In summary, sing, mate, die! Though the life cycle of the cicada bug is actually over a decade, we only see them for the three weeks that they fly around looking for a mate. But what an experience that is! Cicadas are the loudest bug in the world, and they won’t stop talking about it! To celebrate surviving the very loud cicada invasion of 2024, be sure to order some vintage poster art from Anderson Design Group. Available as posters, prints, canvases, notecards, postcards, or metal signs, this artwork would look great on any wall. And to learn more about these one-hit wonder insects, check out Cicada Mania.

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