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Legends Of The National Parks: North Cascade's Sasquatch By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Bigfoot goes by many names, Sasquatch being one of them. Sasquatch is an Indigenous Salish word that translates to "wild men." While many U.S. states and localities claim to be the home of the elusive beast, no state has as many recorded Sasquatch sightings as Washington State. Furthermore, a significant percentage of the sightings have come from Washington's three National Parks (North Cascades, Mt. Rainier, and Olympic). Excited to one day visit a state with three National Parks and hundreds of Sasquatch sightings, our team hand-rendered an original vintage poster of what we think Sasquatch might look like, roaming through the wilderness of North Cascades National Park. Available as a poster, print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, notecard, or postcard, this original illustration would make an excellent gift or souvenir. To learn more about frightening encounters with Sasquatch in North Cascades National Park, check out Jon Letko’s story.

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notecard dimensions: 4.5" x 6" when folded

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