Legends Of The National Parks: Rocky Mountain's Slide Rock Bolter By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Hikers in Rocky Mountain National Park, beware! The Slide Rock Bolter may be lying in wait on a mountainside, eagerly anticipating an unfortunate soul who might wander by on the path below. This creature looks like a fish out of water, or rather a whale out of water! But don't let appearances deceive you; the Slide Rock Bolter is incredibly agile. It hides on the sides of mountains, and as soon as hikers or tourists walk by in the valleys below, the creature releases its grip on the mountainside and comes sliding down the mountain, mouth open wide, devouring everything in its path. Inspired by the 19th-century lumberjack legend, Rocky Mountain National Park's resident mythical monster, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered a vintage illustration of the Slide Rock Bolter, an original rendition of the creature in its natural habitat. Available as a poster, print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, postcard, or notecard, this artwork would make an excellent and unique addition to your home decor or the perfect gift for a friend who loves the outdoors and cryptozoology! To learn more about the Slide Rock Bolter, visit the website for Only in Your State.