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Death Valley National Park: Desert Mirage By Kenneth Crane, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Death Valley National Park is a land of extremes. This region is North America’s hottest and driest spot. The park receives fewer than two to five centimeters of rainfall annually, and the area has experienced a record high temperature of 134 degrees fahrenheit. Death Valley National Park is also at the lowest elevation on the continent, 282 feet below sea level! However, even given those extremes, there is still a fair amount of wildlife and plant life that can survive there. And add to that the incredible, unique vistas one can see there, Death Valley National Park is truly a region worth visiting! Seeking to capture the almost foreboding nature of the park, Anderson Design Group’s artist collaborator Kenneth Crane rendered a vintage travel poster of the park, an eerie twilight image of a lone traveler and his pack mule making their way across the park. Available as a poster, print, metal sign, canvas banner, notecard, or postcard, this artwork serves as a great souvenir to remember the park by. And to learn more about the park or to schedule your next trip there, visit the website for the Death Valley Conservancy.

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