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Death Valley National Park: Sailing Stone By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2013

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In 2014, scientists finally uncovered the mystery of the “sailing stones” of Death Valley National Park. According to accounts, these stones move across a dry lakebed, seemingly of their own accord. Researchers found that, as the lakebed floods, freezes, breaks, and evaporates, prevailing winds catch the rocks during that time and literally push them along the slippery, icy lakebed. Though the riddle has been solved, the phenomenon is still quite amazing: yet another peculiar natural event only found in Death Valley. Anderson Design Group found that story quite inspiring, rocks which moved, not of their own accord necessarily, but by the very will of nature itself. Our team hand-illustrated this National Parks poster to commemorate these infallible rocks. To learn more about the park and its other unique features, visit the Death Valley Conservancy.

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