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Haleakala National Park: Silver Swords By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Haleakala National Park, home to a special plant, is a stunning 32,265 acre park which towers over the island of Maui in the state of Hawai'i. The silvery hairs, fleshy leaves, and low-growing rosette form of the Haleakala silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense) allow it to survive in hot, dry climates like the aeolian desert cinder slopes of the crater. Silverswords live between 3 and 90 years or more. They flower once, sending up a spectacular flowering stalk, and then die soon afterward, scattering drying seeds to the wind. Haleakala comprises the dormant volcano Haleakala, with its tallest point standing at 10,023 feet above sea level. Anderson Design Group artists rendered their own tribute to the volcano and to the park, bringing forth in vintage illustration the subtle hues that only a Hawaiian sunrise can produce. To learn more about the park, click over to the Friends of Haleakala National Park.

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