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Legends Of The National Parks: Grand Teton's Jackalope By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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A creature of fame and the focal point of many a tall tale, the Jackalope is said to be a horned rabbit that races across the plains, prairies, mountainsides, and riverbeds of Grand Teton National Park and other parts of Wyoming. And this creature is no joke! The official Jackalope hunting license sold by the state of Wyoming has this to say about the creatures, "They are normally peaceful, but become a 'bundle of fury' if startled or cornered, using their knife-like horns to the greatest advantage." Excited about the idea of a horned rabbit zooming across the prairies of Wyoming and up into the mountains of Grand Teton National Park, Anderson Design Group poster artists rendered an original illustration of the infamous Jackalope. This artwork would make an excellent decor piece or gift and is available as a poster, print, banner, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, notecard, or postcard. To learn more about the history of the Jackalope, check out this article at Roadside America.

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