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Legends Of The National Parks: Kenai Fjord's Tizheruk By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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A pristine, awe-inspiring trip to the scenic wonder that is Kenai Fjords National Park might turn into more excitement than one bargained for if the mighty Tizheruk should appear! The Tizheruk is a mysterious creature said to inhabit the waters of the Bering Sea, though the creature prefers to frequent bays, inlets, and fjords. And yes, legend has it the fjords of Kenai Fjords National Park are a particular favorite of the creature! Stories of the Tizheruk stem from ancient legends passed down by the Beringian Iñupiat peoples, with tribal elders telling tales of the Tizheruk stalking Iñupiat hunting parties. According to the stories, the Tizheruk is particularly sneaky and will only attack humans if it can find one alone. Though the Tizheruk in some ways resembles a seal, it seldom leaves the water, as it is most agile in the sea and is vulnerable on land. Inspired by such an exciting legend, Anderson Design Group poster artists rendered a vintage-styled design of what the Tizheruk might have looked like. We hope this design helps keep the Indigenous legend of the Tizheruk alive to be passed down to future generations. To learn more about the Tizheruk and other mythical creatures of the wild Alaskan North, check out the website for the Encyclopaedia of Cryptozoology.

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