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Saguaro National Park: Twilight By Arden von Haeger, Joel Anderson, 2023

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Nestled just a short drive from Tucson, Arizona, Saguaro National Park is a veritable desert paradise of protected lands budding with wildlife and offering an entirely unique experience to visitors who come to see the park from far and wide. The park is home to the nation’s largest cactus, the Giant Saguaro, from which the park gets its name. The cacti rise like arid trees from the desert floor, towering much higher than other cactus species and sometimes eerily resembling humans. To celebrate the park, Anderson Design Group collaborated with master pastel artist Arden von Haeger to produce this vintage Saguaro poster and original National Park art. Arden's classic hand-rendered illustration style conveys grandeur, romance, and nuance, and he took inspiration in that bold, even mysterious cactus which reaches like fingers pointing to the sky above. Arden’s inventive use of color and his unique Art Deco styling deliver a delightful new take on some of America's most iconic destinations, National Parks included. Enjoy this American national parks poster art on your own wall, perfect for a southwestern-styled home. Or gift this travel art to a friend or loved one. To learn more about the park, check out the website for Friends of Saguaro.

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