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Yellowstone National Park: Old Faithful By Julian Baker, Joel Anderson, 2010

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Anyone who’s heard of Yellowstone National Park has probably heard of Old Faithful. Old Faithful gets its name for being the most active geyser in the park, so active in fact that park rangers can predict when it will erupt next. Visitors to the park are almost guaranteed to see an eruption if they spend any time near the geyser, as it erupts about 20 times per day! Inspired by the geyser and its relentless activity, Anderson Design Group's illustrators created this old, turn-of-the-century vintage poster art. This is a handmade illustration that shows the impressive eruption of the geyser and the sheer height of its output. Order this original Anderson poster design for your own home as a canvas banner, framed print, or metal sign. For more information about the park and its unique hydrothermal activity, visit Yellowstone Forever.

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