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Zion National Park: Explore The Narrows By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Zion National Park is a panoply of dramatic landscapes, nature sanctuaries, incredible rock formations, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife. A trip to Zion comes with an amazing view or a fascinating nature lesson around every corner. For example, The Narrows segment of Zion Canyon is one such nature lesson, a lesson in the power of water erosion and the sheer passage of time. The Narrows feature incredible, sheer cliff walls, a shallow creek bed, winding turns and stunning views along the way. The Narrows also refers to two different hiking trails that bring visitors into and out of the incredible canyon. Seeking to capture the stunning nature of The Narrows and Zion Canyon, Anderson Design Group rendered vintage poster art of two visitors exploring the canyon floor. An excellent keepsake or souvenir, this artwork is available as a poster, print, canvas banner, metal sign, or framed postcard. To learn more about Zion National Park and its many attractions, visit the website for the Zion National Park Forever Project.

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