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Zion National Park: Ringtail By Mary Withers Kirkland, Joel Anderson, 2024

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Zion National Park seems at first glance like something out of a fairy tale, and ADG collaborating artist Mary Withers Kirkland did a stunning job portraying the whimsical wonder and almost mythical joy one experiences when they gaze out across the park. A painted wonderland, Zion is surprisingly colorful and verdant for such an arid place. The park covers 146,500 acres of land and receives about four million visitors per year, and while the park is best known for its large canyons, colorful sandstone cliffs, and surprisingly rich vegetation for such an arid region, the park also has rich diversity in its wildlife (though one has to be calm, quiet, and patient to get a good look). A good example of Zion wildlife is the elusive ringtail. These members of the raccoon family are not strictly carnivores–they will eat fruits, berries, and whatever else they can get their tiny hands on. This original illustration and vintage poster art celebrates the wonder and joy of Zion and will look great in a variety of sizes, produced as a canvas, framed art print, metal sign, set of postcards, set of notecards, or mini canvas. To learn about the protection efforts for Zion, check out the <a href=""target="_blank"><font color="#eb5927"><b>Zion National Park Forever Project.</b></a></font>

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