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Afghanistan By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2023

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Afghanistan is home to some of the oldest structures and cultures in the world, at the crossroads of Central Asia and South Asia. With China and Pakistan to the northeast, east, and southeast, and with Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan to the northwest, west, and southwest, the country is truly at the crossroads of many ancient trading routes, cultures, languages, histories, and art forms. One such cultural icon of the region is the Great Mosque of Herat or “Jami Masjid of Herat,” a mosque in the Herat Province of northwestern Afghanistan. The Ghurids built it under the rule of Sultan Ghiyath al-Din Muhammad Ghori, who laid its foundation in the year 1200. To celebrate the nation’s rich history, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered an original illustration and vintage poster of the mosque. The retro art and world travel art will look great as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, or as a postcard or notecard. To learn more about Afghanistan, check out the website <a href=""target="_blank"><font color="#eb5927"><b>Britannica.</b></a></font>

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