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Eswatini, Africa By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2021

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Though its formal name is Eswatini, this country is still commonly known as Swaziland. Instantly recognizable for its natural beauty, Eswatini is located in Southern Africa. Bordered by South Africa and Mozambique, the landlocked country made a name for itself decades ago by introducing some of the strictest anti-poaching laws on the African continent. A hidden gem for adventurous travelers who want to get up close and personal with African wildlife, Eswatini’s dedication to protecting big game has made it an excellent travel destination for those who want to see wild rhinoceros, water buffalo, elephants, and lions. Inspired by the rugged terrain and conservation efforts of the Kingdom of Eswatini, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered a vintage-styled travel design for the country. Featuring rhinoceros and a mountainous background, the original design is styled after the vintage poster art and retro travel art of the early-20th century. Available as a poster, print, banner, notecard, postcard, or canvas, this artwork would look great on any wall. To find out more about Eswatini, be sure to visit the website for The Kingdom of Eswatini.

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