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Indonesia By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Oh but to travel to Indonesia, to experience some of the oldest Asiatic cultures still in practice today! Case in point, Indonesia is home to the world’s largest Buddhist temple, a massive series of structures called Borobudur. Built in the 9th Century AD and standing tall and proud as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Jewel of Indonesia has captured the wonder and awe of travelers and artists for over 1,000 years. The temple has survived nearby volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and even terrorist bombings. It seems that, in the island nation of Indonesia, history and culture will not be forgotten. Inspired by the timeless nature of Indonesia and the Indonesian temples, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage poster art of the Borobudur Temple. Available as a canvas banner, vintage poster, print, hand-stretched canvas, postcard, notecard, or metal sign, this artwork makes for a perfect centerpiece or conversation starter. And to learn more about Borobudur and other icons of Indonesia, visit the website for UNESCO.

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