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Nigeria, Africa By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Located on the Gulf of Guinea and known for its incredible nature preserves, thousands of visitors travel to Nigeria each year to witness the sights, sounds, and smells of vast parklands like Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park. These parks feature incredible and rare wildlife, dense rainforests, rivers, savannas, jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and prairies. Inspired by Nigeria’s commitment to preserving its natural lands, Anderson Design Group hand-rendered vintage travel art of one such park, a retro poster design styled after the travel advertisements of the mid-20th century. Available as a print, banner, notecard, postcard, famed postcard, or metal sign, this artwork would look fantastic on any wall. To learn more about Nigeria or to make plans to travel there, be sure to check out the website for the Nigeria Visitor Bureau.

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