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Cicada Attack: Screaming Woman By Joel Anderson, 2021

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In this original, vintage poster design, we took the excitement and craziness of the 2021 cicada invasion and combined it with 1950's Hollywood B-Movie Sci-Fi Horror Flick art. If you survived the cicada invasion, you deserve to celebrate that fact and show your friends with home decor and poster art! Decorate in style and with a slice of humor thanks to this swanky design. Cicadas may be harmless, but their occasional swarms are not something we can soon forget! Loud, flying everywhere, landing on everything, and making a general ruckus of things, surviving a swarm of these bozos is something to be proud of! Available as a poster, print, canvas banner, postcard, notecard, or metal sign, this snazzy artwork would look great on any wall! And to learn more about Brood IX and the other cicada swarms that are supposed to spread across the Southeast in 2020, check out the website for Cicada Mania.

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postcard dimensions: 4.5" x 6"

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