Music City (Man) By Matt Lehman, Joel Anderson, 2004

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Nashville has always been called the City of Dreams, and that's an appropriate title for our town. It’s right here, under the stage lights of countless performing venues, in packed karaoke bars, at music festivals, and even on street corners that music talent is found and crafted into the legends of music that we know and love today. From Chet Atkins to Chord Overstreet, Craig Morgan to Dolly Parton, Grace Moore to Meg Myers and Johnny Cash, these famous musicians all got their starts in Music City. With that in mind, our artists at Anderson Design Group showed their respect and admiration for the City of Dreams with vintage poster art of performing musicians. Whether they sing the blues, country music, or good old fashioned rock n’ roll, we love our men and women of the sound here in Nashville. Available as a print, banner, notecard, postcard, canvas, or framed poster, this artwork is an excellent decoration piece and reminder of the magic of Music City. And to learn more about music events right here in town, check out Visit Music City.

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