7 Summits: Aconcagua-Tallest Mountain in South America By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Located in Argentina, the mighty Aconcagua stands above the rest as the tallest mountain in both the Southern and Western Hemispheres. Only the giants of the Himalayas surpass Aconcagua for height. Aconcagua began its long life as a volcano, but around ten million years ago, the gradual shift of the tectonic plates lifted the mountain away from its volcanic base and forced it even further into the sky. Today you can enjoy the gigantic splendor of this massive peak from your own home with a vintage, hand-illustrated World Travel print from Anderson Design Group. A perfect travel poster for anyone's wall, this design depicts a visage of the snowcapped peak and the verdant valleys below, all on a color palette which embodies the Andes region. Click here to learn more about Mount Aconcagua.

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