Australia: Ayers Rock By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2013

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Australia offers a wide range of exciting travel opportunities to visitors. A favorite destination for the outdoorsy types, Ayers Rock, also known as “Uluru” in the Native tongue, is an absolutely massive sandstone monolith in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. The monolith is sacred to indigenous Australians and has been for centuries. The rock stands 1,141 feet tall, and is two miles long and one mile wide. And as if that wasn’t impressive enough, most of the rock is underground! Moved by the majesty of such a great creation of nature, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage travel poster art of the rock, styling the retro artwork after the Golden Age of Illustration artwork of the mid-20th century. This art print would make the perfect gift or souvenir from a trip to Australia. To learn more about Ayers Rock and other Australia attractions, visit Australia Tourism.

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