Bhutan By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2019

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A small country in South Asia, Bhutan is known for having maintained its independence for centuries, never having been colonized in its history. For the most part, Bhutan is a Buddhist nation, led by a spiritual leader and comprised of fiefdoms and governed by a theocracy. This may also be why the nation has seen very little violent conflict since a civil war in the 1800s. Bhutan is a peaceful country, a place where spirituality, calm, serenity, and solidarity ring true as guiding forces. Anderson Design Group rendered a hand-drawn and illustrated travel poster of one of the nation’s dzongs, a Buddhist monastery. The perfect centerpiece, this vintage travel poster art is available as a framed print, canvas banner, metal sign, framed postcard, canvas, or as a set of notecards or postcards. To learn more about Bhutan, visit the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

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