Brazil: Sao Paulo By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2012

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Did you know that Sao Paulo is home to 18 million people and is one of the largest cities in the world? Sao Paulo has more cars in it than Rio de Janeiro has people! The city is known for its incredible festivals, its tropical climate, and its art deco architecture styles. The city experienced its most significant growth boom from 1950 to 1975, hence the influence of art deco in much of the structures in the city. However, the most famous structure is a more modern one, the Octavio Frias de Oliveira bridge, a fantastic structure completed in 2008. Inspired by this work of art, engineering, and design, Anderson Design Group handcrafted a vintage travel poster of the bridge, a salute to art, one art group to the next. To learn more about the bridge and other works of art and engineering in Brazil, check out Visit Brasil.

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