Canada: New Brunswick By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2015

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Hundreds of years of erosion from the forces of wind and water formed the Hopewell Rocks of New Brunswick. Fascinating in structure and form, the rocks tell a story of constant endurance, years of being slowly battered by wind, rain, and the ocean. Yet they stand there to this day, and they’ll probably be there for eons to come. Fascinated by the structures and their history, our award-winning artists at Anderson Design Group felt compelled to create vintage travel poster art of the rocks, a hand-sketched, lettered, and painted depiction in retro styles of the rocks as they stand today. You can decorate your home in this classic artwork, and you can customize your art as a canvas banner, framed print, canvas, framed postcard, notecard, or metal sign. And to learn more about the rocks and the other natural features across Canada, check out the Canada Guide.

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