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Canada: Niagara Falls By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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While Niagara Falls is truly an American treasure, this incredible waterfall is also a Canadian treasure! Niagara Falls rests on the border between New York, USA and Ontario, Canada. Niagara Falls actually comprise three separate falls, with the majority of the falls being on Canadian soil. Combined, the flow rate of Niagara Falls is the greatest of any waterfall on earth. Amazed by the fact that 3,160 tons of water flows over Niagara Falls every second, Anderson Design Group sought to create vintage travel poster art of the falls, retro artwork which would convey the sheer force of water traveling over the vertical rock face. A perfect home decor item and a great reminder of a trip to Niagara, this classic illustration is available as a print, canvas, metal sign, banner, postcard, or notecard. To learn more about Niagara Falls, Canada visit the website for Niagara Falls Tourism.

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