East Timor By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Welcome to an undiscovered gem of Southeast Asia, the nation of East Timor. Officially recognized as Timor-Leste, this tiny country occupies half of the island of Timor. East Timor has experienced great struggles in its efforts to break free from foreign dominion. First Portugal controlled the region until 1975, and then Indonesia controlled the entire island until 2002. Now East Timor has its independence! Today, the island nation has worked hard to present itself as a tourism center, but the island still has quite the undiscovered and “unmapped” appeal. Anderson Design Group created vintage poster art of the famous Cristo Rei de Dili statue, an 88 ft tall statue which rests upon a hilltop overlooking the capital city of Dili. Available as a print, banner, canvas, notecard, or postcard, this artwork would make the perfect souvenir and home decor piece to always remind one of a trip to this beautiful island. And to learn more about East Timor, check out the Timor Leste Ministry of Tourism.

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