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Italy: Lake Como By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Beautiful, deep blue waters and a mountainous terrain surrounding, one can see why Lake Como is a top travel destination in Italy. The lake offers about 100 miles of shoreline, an idyllic and pristine region that captures the romantic nature of Italy quite well. The shores of Lake Como are dotted with olive and grape farms, wineries, bed and breakfast lodgings, several villas, and an ancient religious sanctuary. Inspired by the beauty and peaceful nature of the lake, Anderson Design Group crafted classic artwork of the lake, styling the artwork in the romantic fashion of early-20th century vintage travel poster art. You can order this retro design as a centerpiece, conversation starter, home décor item, or special gift to a travel buddy or family member. To learn more about Italy and great travel opportunities that await, be sure to visit the website for the Italian National Tourist Board.

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notecard dimensions: 4.5" x 6" when folded

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