Italy: Venice Gondola Ride By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Did you know that, according to Venetian folklore, if a couple in a gondola kiss every time they pass underneath a bridge they will remain in love forever? Such traditions are not surprising for a place like Venice, a romantic city in a romantic country. Venice is tucked away in the northeast corner of Italy, a quiet, pleasant city situated on several islands and connected by canals and bridges. And while the city is sinking by about one to two millimeters each year, major efforts of engineering and construction are in the works to prevent this. Inspired by the city, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage travel poster art of the city. You can order this retro illustration as a framed print, canvas banner, framed postcard, or as a set of notecards or postcards. And to learn more about Venice, be sure to check out Italian Tourism.

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