Lebanon By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2020

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An incredible mecca of culture and history, Lebanon is a nation of diversity. The country is 40% Christian, maintaining the highest percentage of Christians of all Arab nations. The nation is also known for its dozens of universities, private schools, and its diverse religious communities. The nation is a center for banking and tourism, and it also boasts some of the oldest and most well-cared for architecture in the region. For example, the nation has five UNESCO world heritage sites! To celebrate the country’s rich history and historic buildings, Anderson Design Group crafted a vintage design of St. Paul Cathedral in Harissa, Lebanon. Available as a poster, notecard, postcard, or metal sign, this artwork looks fantastic on any wall. Display it as a souvenir from a great trip, or as a reminder of your next bucket list journey! And to learn more about Lebanon, be sure to visit the website for Destination Lebanon.

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