Luxembourg By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2018

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A small country tucked between Belgium, France, and Germany, Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world. Perfect for a first-timer's adventure into international travel! Luxembourg has many attractions to offer tourists and wanderlust-filled travelers, from more than 10 miles of underground tunnels, world-renowned “hopping” events, forest-covered hills, sandstone cliffs, eye- catching rock formations, castle ruins, etc. Anderson Design Group’s artists hand-drew, lettered, and painted vintage travel art for Luxembourg, a colorful rendition of a Luxembourg city and some of the sandstone cliffs that this region is famous for. An ideal home decor item or a great souvenir from a trip to Luxembourg, this retro artwork is available as a classic canvas, framed art print, metal sign, framed postcard, or as a set of notecards or postcards. To learn more about the country, be sure to check out Visit Luxembourg.

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