Mythical Creatures: Yeti By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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One of the oldest stories of mythical creatures told to date is that of the Yeti, an apelike creature who inhabits the Himalayan mountain range in Asia. Western popular culture refers to the creature as the Abominable Snowman. Over the centuries, researchers have attempted to prove the existence of the Yeti via anecdotal visual sightings, disputed video recordings, photographs, and plaster casts of large footprints. The Yeti is sometimes compared to Bigfoot of North America, as the two creatures have similar physical descriptions and are thought by some to be related. The Yeti is usually depicted as an apelike creature who carries a large stone as a weapon and who makes a whistling swoosh sound. The frequency of reported sightings increased during the early 20th century when Westerners began making determined attempts to scale the many mountain peaks in the area. When they did, the adventurers occasionally reported seeing odd creatures or strange tracks on or near the peaks of the mountains. Inspired by the folk stories and Indigenous legends of mysterious creatures and mythical monsters, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered a vintage-styled poster of a Yeti, an original depiction available as a poster print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, or as a notecard or postcard. This original illustration would make an excellent conversation piece. And to learn more about the Yeti, be sure to visit the website LiveScience.

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