New Zealand: Milford Sound By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Milford Sound is a fjord in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island. It’s known for towering Mitre Peak, plus rainforests and waterfalls like Stirling and Bowen falls, which plummet down its sheer sides. The fjord is home to fur seal colonies, penguins and dolphins. The kea is a famous native New Zealand bird. It’s also known as the New Zealand mountain parrot – the only true alpine parrot in the world. Their name comes from their loud, high-pitched call of ‘keee-aaa’. This isn’t the only noise they make—they also talk more quietly to each other, and juveniles make all kinds of squeals and hollers. The artists of Anderson Design Group have rendered this vintage-looking travel poster to look great as a canvas, print, notecard, or postcard.

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