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Russia: Moscow By Shelby Rodeffer, Joel Anderson, 2012

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Did you know that Russia is the largest country in the world, yet about 73 percent of the country’s population lives in urban centers? In many ways, that makes Russia an ideal travel destination, because visitors can experience the incredible, expansive rural regions of Russia; but at the same time, visitors can also experience huge Russian cities that are teaming with historical districts, art museums, authentic markets, restaurants, etc. Inspired by the iconic Muscovite architecture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Anderson Design Group handcrafted a travel poster of the cathedral in the vintage illustration styles of the early-20th century, WPA-commissioned works. Available as an art print, canvas banner, framed print, framed postcard, or as a set of notecards, this artwork would make a great take-home gift or home decor item. And to learn more about travel opportunities in Russia, check out the website for Visit Russia.

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postcard dimensions: 4.5" x 6"

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