South Africa: Kruger National Park By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2012

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Did you know that Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in all of Africa? Coming in at 7,500 square miles, this park is about the size of the entire nation of Israel. Kruger National Park is also the oldest park in all of Africa. Last but not least, Kruger National Park is a no hunting zone, meaning the birds and animals that live on the park are protected by national law. Lovers of National Parks near and abroad, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage travel poster art of Kruger National Park, a fitting rendition in retro styles of the park’s landscape and some of its inhabitants. A great take-home gift from an adventure to the park, this classic artwork is available as a canvas banner, framed print, framed postcard, or metal sign. To learn more, check out the travel website for South Africa.

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