Switzerland: Zurich By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2016

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What could be a better way to experience Switzerland than to take a trip to Zurich? Famous for its alpine backdrop, its incredibly crisp, clear, and pollution-free air, the beautiful Zurich Lake, and its walkable, car-free Altstadt Historic District, Zurich is a gem among European urban centers. Also known for its prosperous nature and its reputation as a finance center, Zurich is one of the cleanest, healthiest, and most lively cities in all of Europe. A true must-see for any European traveler! Anderson Design Group was able to capture some of the beauty and incredible scenery of Zurich, a true-to-nature visage of this city on a beautiful, clear summer day. You can order this retro artwork in a style of your choosing, including styles like art prints, canvas banners, and metal signs. And to learn more about traveling to and from Zurich, check out My Switzerland.

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