Taiwan: Taipei By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Did you know that Taiwan is one of the first countries to pioneer free Wi-Fi for its citizens? The nation recently kicked off a plan which begins with free Wi-Fi in all public places and with long-term goals to make Wi-Fi available for all the citizenry. Taiwan is also known for its world-renowned universities, traditional Chinese writing style, and its dedication to keeping its cities clean. Seeking to capture the aesthetic modernity of Taipei, Taiwan’s largest city, Anderson Design Group crafted vintage travel poster art of the city skyline, a detailed illustration in retro styles of this sprawling and well-managed city. A great reminder of a trip to Taipei or a lovely gift, this classic artwork is available as an art print, canvas banner, framed print, framed postcard, or as a metal sign. To learn more about the city, check out Taiwan: The Heart of Asia.

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